SW30 Trivia results
Priority: Green
Posted By: Hobbie (CL7)
Posted On: 2007-05-25 14:47:37

Tonight’s Trivia was unusual, to say the least. Taking place on a Friday, with a host that hadn’t hosted or in fact been part of the Trivia Team in years and including some unusual questions… Still, despite all that, or perhaps because of it, this event, which celebrated Star Wars’ 30th anniversary, was a lot of fun.
In RPs, Iain started strong, but only managed to salvage one point after CT joined in. Not enough to stop everyone’s favourite ex-VC from winning comfortably. Sylvius’s tendency to share was also widely displayed, with all his points being obtained by posting the answer at the same second as someone else.
On the SP side of things, the battle was much less clear for quite a while, with a lot of people remaining very close, until Sylvius took a commanding lead and never let go.
Finally, my lovely Ewok-ish assistant, Soka, saw fit to award me a Truth Point, because I always speak the truth for some reason. Thanks Soka!

Regular points:
CT - 10
Iain - 5
Sylvius - 4
Fox - 3
Nemesis - 1
JP - 1

Silly points:
Sylvius - 11
Babel - 6
Wolf Brother - 5
Honey - 4
Naberrie - 3
Fox - 3
Aeon - 3
Iain - 3
Nemesis - 2
Drop - 2
CT - 2
Malum - 1
Cinna - 1

Truth point:
Hobbie- 1

On behalf of everyone in Trivia and in the Senate, I'd like to thank all participants for making it a fun evening, and Soka for helping me remember how it's done. We look forward to seeing you at the next trivia event!

CL7 Hobbie
Wannabe Capella Division Member,
Senate Team leader