ESB Trivia Results
Priority: Green
Posted By: Soka (CL6)
Posted On: 2007-06-09 14:11:47

Well I almost missed out on my first shot at hosting (Due to personal persons) but this Trivia, like always, went off with a hoot. This was also Wolf Brother's first time assistant as well. Onward to the good stuff. For the real points, it seemed to be a close contest until Hobbie set his buzzer to automatic and laid waste to the opposition. For sp's it was a close matchup between Hobbie, Soka, and Jaq. It ended up being a tie with Hobbie and Soka! Here are the results!

Regular points:
Hobbie - 13
Soka - 3
Zombie - 2
Eddie Brock Jr. - 2
Aeon - 1
J. Solo - 1

Silly points:
Hobbie: 12
Soka: 12
Jaq: 9
Shadow: 2
Eddie Brock Jr.: 2
Aeon: 1
Zombie: 1
Mr. Nightingale: 1

On behalf of everyone in Trivia, I'd like to thank all participants for making it a fun evening. We look forward to seeing you at the next trivia event!

CL4 Pat
Gemini Division Member, Trivia Team
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