Not a scratch!
Priority: Green
Posted By: Majin Kaze (CL6)
Posted On: 2007-07-14 14:58:20

Twentieth Century Fox is proud to prese- Oh. Whoops. My bad
Today, we had the last of our special Classic Trilogy events, with it the topic being Revenge Return of the Jedi.
Real Points were furious. Brandon got an early lead, but then Soka began to catch up. The very last question ended up being the tie-breaker, with Brandon edging Soka out.
Silly points were also furious, but mainly because Pat was handing them out like tic-tacs at a dance! FM won that round by getting a point with each question. And if you're wondering why he doesn't have 20 points, it's because someone (not Majin) forgot to make question 13. :(
And now, the results!

Regular points:
Brandon - 10
Soka - 9
Mitch - 1
XZ - 1

Silly points:
FM - 19
KypD - 18
Wolf Brother - 16
XZ - 9
Soka - 7
Aleka - 4
The Doctor - 3
Paige - 3
Naberrie - 3
Polgara - 3
Savvik - 2
Dommy - 2
Brandon - 1
Justin - 1
Kamin - 1

300 Point:
Majin - 1

Easy E Point
FM - 1

On behalf of everyone in Trivia, I'd like to thank all participants for making it a fun evening, and I'd like to thank Pat for being a wonderful assistant. We look forward to seeing you at the next trivia event!

CL6 Majin Kaze
Capella Division Leader, Trivia Team
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