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And they're off! Since the start of this year, we've been keeping tabs on who's been getting what scores for each and every Team Trivia. Below are the current standings for both Real Points (RPs) and Silly Points (SPs). Remember, even if your team has never won a Trivia, you can still win here with the overall Master of Masters and Wannabe Wannabe competitions. So get answering!

Last Update:
December 30th, 2006

Team Trivia - 4th Saturday of the month - D'deridex - 12:00 PST/20:00 GMT
(unless otherwise announced)

Current Leading Team (RPs)Current Leading Team (SPs)

Current Rankings
Team Name Team Leader Team Member RP Score SP Score
Arctic WarriorsMajin KazeBrandon119
Babylonian Forest BabesGreen PixieJaq00
Dark Clone Troopersclonetrooper12darkside rule01
FBS (Full Blooded Sith)Revan ShouldoDierna Soul20
Guardians of the RepublicNaberrieCarn Helving37
Intergalactic CannibalsAJKayana03
Sith SquadLord SeiyaInuYasha00
Team ArcherSB\'s GirlSica25
Team BorgMezotiEstella78
Team SpudsBuck MurrayBuddy the Ewok slayer53
Th3 l33t l0verzMichaKady18
the black pearl teamcaptain jack sparrowGelen56
The Blues BrothersDarth MalumKypD263
The NortonsSteven Norton™Brett Norton78
The OutlawsAlivanBC00
The TwitsFMDA1119
Tristan and IsoldePolgaraQ925
Trivia TerrorsAlexJP00
WatevrWorfSonOfMoghKaren (AKA Boofhead/Stormblooper)44

Notes on the scoreboard:
We advise all members to log in with their usual handles for a Trivia event. Firstly, this avoids confusion when handing out rank prizes at the end of the trivia, but it also allows us to update these boards correctly. However, there are still players who play under false handles with their dossier disabled. Mistakes on the handles of these players cannot be avoided. Also, as scores are kept on an abbreviated basis (eg. "Andrew" instead of "Andrew Maxwell"), mistakes can also creep in here. Should your name be listed incorrectly here, please email the Nova Division Leader and it will be updated as soon as possible. Finally, note that as unregistered (CL1) players do not have OTF command codes, they cannot win special ranks. As such, the next highest scoring registered member (CL2+) will receive the overall winner award rank.

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