Section 2

Departmental Structure

   1. What is the point of the divisions?

Trivia is divided into four divisions: Capella, Gemini, Nova and Phoenix. This separation allows the efforts of the four divisions to be synchronised and managed better.

   2. Can I be in more than one division?

No. When you join Trivia, you will be assigned to a division. While it will not be possible for you to be in more than one division, you may change divisions. Also, you may volunteer to help with the work of another division such as hosting a trivia other than that of your own division.

   3. I want to change divisions; whom should I talk to?

You should talk to the division leaders of both divisions involved. They’ll talk about it and if it’s approved, you’ll be switched!

   4. How do I know who my division leader is?

Your division leader is the person who sends you your welcome pack. They’re also the person that was listed in your “Welcome to Trivia!” email. Failing that, the name and dossier of your Division leader can be found on the homepage of your respective division.

   5. What responsibilities do all of the positions entail?

In the event of you being chosen for an internal promotion to a higher position, you’ll be notified of the responsibilities. However, as a rough idea: DliT helps the DLs. DLs organise everything for their respective genre - from question submission to trivia hosts. ATL helps the TL. TL runs the team!

   6. Who posts the updates?

Either the Division leader for the respective genre or one of the Trivia management team (ie. ATL or TL) posts updates and advertisements for Trivia events.