Section 3

Mailing Lists/Email

   1. What is the purpose of the mailing list?

Members of Trivia are added to two mailing lists: the OTFEN main mailing list and the Trivia Mailing list. These mailing lists allow management and members to make announcements to members without having to tell them individually. While the OTFEN list is usually reserved for official-type announcements and “serious” emails, on the Trivia mailing list, anything goes. Usually, a food-fight of sorts ensues whenever an announcement is made that a new member has joined!

   2. Do I have to be on the mailing list?

Yes. Membership on all relevant departmental mailing lists is compulsory. However, if you are going on a long period of leave, you may request that you be temporarily removed from the lists to ensure that your email inbox doesn’t become full.

   3. I don't have regular access to email. Is this a problem?

Yes. Frequent announcements as well as the vast majority of correspondence is conducted over email. If you do not have access to email, it may not be possible for you to join the team. If you would like more information about obtaining an email address so that you may join, please contact the Trivia Team leader.

   4. I have a question for my DL; do I need to send it to the mailing list?

No. Questions for your DLiT, DL, ATL, TL etc. can be sent directly to that member’s email address.

   5. I've joined Trivia, but I'm not getting any emails. Why? Who do I contact?

There is always a chance that we simply forgot to add you to the list or lists when we were accepting you into Trivia. To rectify this, please contact the Trivia Team leader.

   6. I don't seem to be receiving any emails from the group - why?

It is possible that there simply hasn’t been any activity on the lists for a period. Talk to some other members in the group. If they’ve been getting emails, contact your Division leader or the Trivia Team leader.

   7. I left Trivia, but I'm still getting emails from the list - what do I do?

Please contact the Trivia Team leader. You’ll be removed from all applicable lists as soon as possible.

   8. Is the mailing list secure? IE, will I receive any virii over the mailing list?

Yes, the lists are secure. All emails sent via the mailing lists pass through the OTF mail scanners, which are updated regularly. However, due to the changing world of Internet security, if you suspect that a particular email may be a virus-or if it looks suspicious, you should immediately delete the email. The sender can always re-send if it was genuine.