Section 5

Weekly Questions Submission

   1. Where do I submit my weekly questions?

Members may submit their weekly Trivia by emailing them to their respective Division Leaders. The email-adresses can be found on the Contacts form.

   2. How many questions do I submit each week?

You should submit 10 question and answer pairs to your Division Leader each week by Sunday. Note that from time to time, Division Leaders may, if they so wish, increase or decrease the amount of required questions. If this is the case, you will be notified beforehand by your Division Leader.

   3. When should my weekly questions be submitted?

Weekly questions may be submitted at any time during the course of the week, but should be submitted by Sunday night at 11:59 PM at the latest.

   4. Am I allowed to use websites to get Trivia questions?

You may use any online sources as long as the information contained on them is accepted as canon and is verified as correct.

   5. Am I allowed to use books to get Trivia questions?

This will depend on the Trivia topic that you are researching. This varies on a Trivia-by-Trivia basis. For clarification on whether you may use books and other materials for your questions, ask your Division Leader.

   6. I've missed a week’s questions; will I be dismissed?

In general, no. If you miss several weeks of questions, your Division Leader may choose to place you on probation. If you miss a week’s questions during this time, you will be dismissed. Information on probation will be released on a case-by-case basis. If you miss several weeks of questions, your Division Leader also has the choice to ask that you be dismissed immediately. This is also dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

   7. I know I will not be able to complete questions for the next week; can I submit
       two lots this week?

Usually, yes. Please contact your Division Leader first and they will go over your options.

   8. I'm in Phoenix, but I’ve only seen one series of Star Trek

This will depend on the opinion of your Division Leader. Such a situation will also apply to members of other divisions. If you have any queries about question submission, you may contact your Division Leader for further info.

   9. Do I still need to submit my questions when my DL/DLiT is on leave?

In general, yes. However, your Division Leader may decide otherwise and will inform you first.

   10. Where will my questions go if my DL/DLiT is on leave?

If your Division Leader is on leave, your questions will go where they usually go (i.e. Your Division Leader’s email inbox). However, if your Division Leader is on a period of extended leave, they may choose to have questions sent to a different source. This will always be announced first.