Section 8

Events Problems

   1. Iím host, what do I do if the assistant doesnít show up?

When hosting, you should always ensure that a backup could be arranged before the event. Preferably, the person should be a member of the same division as is running the event. Usually, it is the DLís job and responsibility to find a backup who can then stand in for host or assistant if needs be.

   2. Iím assistant, what do I do if the host doesnít show up?

If you have hosted before-or even if you havenít, you may wish to step up and take on the hostís position. Otherwise, the backup may take this position. You should, as assistant have a copy of the questions anyway. In the event that the host hasnít turned up and you canít obtain a copy of the questions, it is your prerogative to cancel the event. If this does happen, please immediately inform the responsible Division Leader and the Team Leader.

   3. Someone is asking for SPs in Trivia. Should I give them one?

No. Usually, asking for an SP is the easiest way to not get an SP. Never give an SP to someone who asks for or complains about not being given one. If a member consistently asks/complains about SPs over the course of several questions, you should ask the host to warn the member to cease this behaviour. If this continues, a present ISA-member may be asked to remove the complaining person using a Level 2 armoury shot. In the event that the member returns and continues to cause disruption, the they may then remove the member using a Level 3 armoury shot. The ban description should be ďDisrupting TriviaĒ and the ban level should be ďGreenĒ. In this case, please ensure you email the Team Leader with the memberís name and CL as soon as possible.

   4. People are questioning the validity of the answers, what do I do?

If many members question the validity of an answer, you may declare that questionís RPs void. Please then contact the responsible Division Leader with relevant details and the situation will be investigated. If only one member questions the validity of a question, have them contact the responsible division leader, giving all relevant details.

   5. I lose track of points, what do I do?

If you lose track of points, you must in conjunction with the host/assistant, attempt to recover all information lost. This may involve use of the chatís history function. If needs be, the event may be paused while this is being done. It is up to the host and assistant to ensure that accurate scores are kept. There may be repercussions if this is not done satisfactorily.

   6. What do I do if a lamer comes in during Trivia?

During these events, there will almost always be a member of ISA present in the chatroom. Failing that, there is usually someone in the spycam. You Must ALWAYS allow ISA to deal with lamer situations in their own manner. You must NOT interfere with the work being done to prevent situations from going further. ISA members are trained to deal with these situations and can handle anything that may arise themselves.

   7. During Trivia, the host/assistant says he/she needs to go. What should I do?

This should never happen, as the member should have determined beforehand that they would be available for the entire event. However, in the event of an emergency for that member, the backup may step in. It is then up to the original host/assistant as to where the backup should go. For instance, the original assistant may choose to continue as host or assistant.

   8. The Trivia host/assistant needs an assistant/host an hour before the event but Iíve never assisted before, should I still try it?

If you feel you would be able to perform the duties to a satisfactory standard, you may step up and help out. However, you should first seek the approval of the original host/assistant before taking this step. Also, please let them know that this is your first host/assist and you may wish to ask that member for advice.

   9. Iím too nervous to do my first host/assist. Can I drop out?

Thereís really no reason to be nervous! Everyone, Trivia, Entertainment and the general members are behind you! We promise, itís not so hard and itís a lot of fun. Give it a go, and weíre sure youíll wonder why you were ever nervous in the first place! Trivia only hires the best of the best. We know youíll be a brilliant host/assistant!

   10. The Trivia is about to start but Iím not ready, what should I do?

If needs be, you may delay the start of the Trivia event, however, you should inform the members waiting that youíre experiencing some minor delays and should be ready soon. If you are not ready 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, you should consider stepping down to allow for the backup to take your place.

   11. The host is going too fast. What should I do?

Simple! Just let them know over an IM that youíre having trouble keeping up and ask if they could slow down a little.

   12. The assistant is going too slowly, what should I do?

Again, just as simple! Just ask the assistant over an IM if they could pick up the pace a little as the event is becoming in danger of running over.

   13. The assistant posted the SPs before I posted the RPs, what should I do?

Simply continue as normal. It may be a bit embarrassing, but itís not a major problem.

   14. The assistant and I have come up with different end scores. What should we do?

If you lose track of points, you must in conjunction with the host/assistant, attempt to recover all information lost. This may involve use of the chatís history function. It is up to the host and assistant to ensure that accurate scores are kept. There may be repercussions if this is not done satisfactorily. Usually, however, if the host has been taking proper notes, their scores will be acceptable.

   15. Iím hosting/ assisting and my computer has crashed during Trivia, what should I do?

RESTART! Quick! Restart, reconnect and get back into the chatroom as soon as possible. If youíve been taking pen and paper records of the scores, there shouldnít be a problem with getting scores back together.

   16. Iím host/assistant but my computer has a tendency to crash, should I tell the host/assistant?

Yes. The host/assistant needs to be prepared to ask the backup to step in at short notice to take over your post, should this become necessary.

   17. The event is over, but the host/assistant is still logged in with the Trivia codes and/or is abusing the HTML privileges. What should I do?

In the event that a host or assistant is abusing the codeís privileges, you should immediately contact a member of the ISA (and request that they remove the member as soon as possible) or the Trivia Team Leader. Note that any abuse of host/assistant privileges will NOT be tolerated. Any abuse will result in an immediate suspension of your host/assistant eligibility and a period of probation. Extreme cases may result in an immediate dismissal from Trivia. It can not be overstated. Abuse of the codes will NOT be tolerated.