Section 10

Promotions & Awards

   1. What determines if I will be moved higher up the ENT ladder?

Internal departmental promotions are based on some of the same criteria as normal promotions. Those who are promoted to positions of higher responsibility are hard working, dedicated, loyal, friendly and have a positive influence on the team. Only members who management is sure are the best of the best will be assigned to positions of higher responsibility, privilege and importance.

   2. Is there a minimum time I must serve before I can be considered for DLiT, DL etc?

No. However, on the vast majority of occasions, members will have been in the team for a period of time of probably at least one month before they are considered.

   3. How can I become DLiT?

To become DLiT, members should be active within their division, have a friendly attitude, be hardworking and consistently create top-quality questions. Members are preferred to show some leadership skills and a dedication to the ideals of Entertainment.

   4. How can I become DL?

Usually, it is only possible to become a DL by first being a DLiT. DLiTs are trained to deal with the running of their division and are usually considered to be sure-shots for the next DL of that particular division. Exceptions here will include members that have only recently become DLiT or members that management feels need further training before being able to undertake the responsibilities of a DL. However, it can generally be assumed that a DLiT will be the next DL of that division.

   5. How can i become TL?

To become a TL, you must first become the ATL. It is the ATLís job to assist the TL in any way that the TL requests. ATLs usually have the same qualities as a DL, but almost always exhibit a real sense of going beyond the call of duty. Understand that not everyone will be considered to become an ATL and TL. The continued success depends somewhat on the input of these members and as such, only the best of the best will be selected for these posts.

   6. How can I become SM?

The Senior Manager of Entertainment has the final say in all activities of the department. They are responsible for every aspect of the departmentís operation, from morale to website design. Because the Senior Manager has such a hugely important part of the department, only those members who have repeatedly excelled themselves at all aspects of their work in Entertainment will be considered for such a post. One cannot become a Senior Manager without first becoming an Assistant Manager. This usually also entails becoming an Assistant Manager in Training. Selection for these positions is based on much the same criteria as Team Leaders and Senior Managers.

   7. Iím not very close to my Division/Team leader and I think it will affect me when it comes to awards and promotions, what should I do?

It shouldnít. If your DL and/or TL can see that you are making valuable contributions to the team, they will endeavour to award you to the standards you deserve.

   8. Someone in the division got an award/promotion, but I didn't, and we've both worked equally hard. Why?

Awards and promotions are based on a fair and case-by-case set of criteria. If you are passed up and someone else awarded, it may be because of one or all of several reasons. You may not be eligible for the award or promotion. Alternatively, the other member may have been doing behind-the-scenes work (possibly for other teams or divisions) which you may not have heard about. Finally, the member may be exhibiting qualities that you are not, such as initiative, idea-generation or a willingness to take on extra work and as such, may be more desirable for promotion and award reasons.

   9. Iíve heard people talking about Entertainment related awards, how can I get one?

To be eligible for an ENT award, you should fulfil and exceed the awards criteria as listed at Awards Criteria. Be advised that because the standard of work in the department is always of such a high calibre, you may not be eligible for certain awards at certain times.