Live Trivia Event Rules

  1. Each Trivia Night will last more than 1 hour.
  2. Each Trivia Night will require one host, with one assistant. In the unlikely event that an assistant from the division/team is not available, the event can be held with only the Host.
  3. When a Trivia question is asked, the player with the first correct answer is given a real point (known as an RP). If more than one player gives the correct answer first at the exact same time, both persons will receive one point.
  4. Not everyone knows everything about our trivia topics, so the Trivia Team invented the Silly Point (known as an SP) to reward players who make the host and assistant laugh. Our team members are very particular about handing out these points - only those answers which make the host/assistant really laugh will be awarded SPs. For SPs, the assistant's (whose job it is to award SPs) decision is always final.
  5. Players may answer more than once per question (this applies to both RPs and SPs).
  6. All players may answer all questions. While it is possible for a player to receive both an RP and an SP on a single question, it is not possible for a player to receive more than one of each point per question.
  7. All members of Outpost 10F and unregistered visitors may participate in Trivia events.
  8. All answers which appear on the chatboard will be considered for points, however, answers which violate one (or more) of Outpost 10F's Prime Directives will NOT be considered. Please also note that severe or consistent violations of the Prime Directives may result in the offender being removed from the chat and/or banned from Outpost 10F's chatrooms.
  9. When a question is answered, spelling does count; however, if the spelling of the word is off by one letter, or two letters are swapped, it still counts. We're looking for knowledge, not perfection.
  10. Unsportsman like conduct will NOT be permitted. This is an event where members of this community come together for entertainment. If the Host is wrong, then please do inform them, but to gripe or complain that "So-and-so got the point and I didn't, and that's just not fair" or "Why can't I get the point? I deserve it" will not be tolerated. Violators of this rule may be subject to action involving removal from the event.
  11. When a Trivia night has finished, the results will be posted for both the RPs and SPs in the chat. Subsequent to the event, the results will also be posted on the Outpost 10F Departmental Updates Board.
  12. The player with the most RPs will be awarded the rank of "Trivia Master" for one month. The player with the most SPs will be awarded the rank of "Trivia Wannabe" for one month. Please note that only registered members of Outpost 10F (CL2+) will be able to receive award ranks. As members of the Trivia Team do not have access to the rank management system, your rank may be slightly delayed. Should you not have your rank within three days of the Trivia event, please contact a member of the relevant division, or the Trivia Team Leader.
  13. Finally, please see the point in the box below.

A polite note from the Trivia Team

Although not required, the Trivia Team would be grateful if when playing a Trivia Event, that players log in under the handle they most frequently use. Failing that, please enable your dossier. This avoids confusion when awarding ranks and updating the scoreboards. Thanks!

Flash Trivia Rules

  • The Outpost 10F Trivia Team also hosts smaller Trivia Events known as "Flash Trivia" events.
  • Note that all rules and procedures of a regular trivia event as stated above apply to flash trivia events unless otherwise stated.
    1. Flash Trivia events will be announced on the Outpost 10F Departmental Updates Board less than twelve hours before the event. The event will not be announced on the OTF events calendar.
    2. Flash Trivia events will usually last under or around 1 hour.
    3. Flash Trivia events do not require assistants. As such, only a host presides over these events.
    4. No ranks will be awarded to winning players of a flash trivia event.
    5. Finally, please see the point in the box below.