Section 6

Advertising/Departmental Updates

   1. When should the update be posted?

Ideally, the advertisement for an upcoming event should be posted two days before the event. (E.g. for a Saturday event, the update should be posted on the Thursday beforehand.

   2. How do I code an update?

You can generate an update by going to the Update-Generator and following the instructions there. If you require help, check the Updates-Help or feel free to contact the Team Leader.

   3. Iím not CL5 yet; can I still post an update?

While you will not be able to post the update, you may however generate the update and then send it to a member with Departmental Updates Editor access who will post it for you.

   4. Where can I get the template for the update?

The template for updates can be found by going to the Update-Generator and entering the relevant information into the respective form. Please ensure that your use the correct form for the type of update you wish to post.

   5. Does the colour of the font, font face and size of the text on the update matter?

When you create an update using the update forms at the Update-Generator, all necessary font face, size and colour information is automatically included in the generated code. Please do not alter any formatting code in the generated update. Also, when posting an update, please ensure you select the correct affiliation. Star Wars updates should select Star Wars, Fantasy/LOTR updates should select Fantasy/LOTR, and Star Trek updates should select Star Trek. All other updates should select Outpost 10F/Global affiliation.

   6. What should I write on the update?

When writing the update, simply fill out the form as required. Note that when writing a scores update (i.e. After a Trivia event), the header should contain some news about the event, how the event went, who the main contenders for the winning spot were and thanking all participants. The footer should always ensure that the assistant (and host, if applicable) are thanked for doing such a good job. Other information is included automatically.

   7. Do I post both SP's and RP's in the update?

Yes. When filling out an update form for the results of an event, simply enter in all necessary information and press the button to generate the code. In the update-generator a single \ creates a linebreak.

   8. Where can I view the calendar?

The Outpost 10F calendar can be viewed here.