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The Outpost 10F Trivia team is responsible for hosting live trivia competitions on a variety of Sci-fi and Fantasy related subjects in chat.

Anyone can participate in our Trivia events, so make sure to check out when the next one is, by viewing the calendar. If you have a question about Trivia, try our FAQs, or the Contact Form. Of course, you can always ask a Trivia member if you see us in chat, too!

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Live events:

Live events are held every other week in Outpost 10f's chat rooms and usually last around 1 hour, depending on the amount of people participating. Questions are based on the Trivia topic, which change with each event, and vary in difficulty.
Live events are led by the Trivia Host and the Trivia Assistant. The host's role is to ask the questions and award Real Points to the first players who answer correctly, as well as managing the event in general. The assistant's role is to award Silly Points, which - as the name suggests - are given to funny and witty responses.

Winners of Live Trivia events receive a special chat room rank for one month, provided they are registered with Outpost 10f.

Please make sure to read the rules before participating in an event, so that you know what it's all about!


Trivia events are usually held on a Saturday at 20:00 UTC. If you want to know how that translates into your own timezone, try this converter.

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