Welcome to the Outpost 10F Trivia Team FAQ file!

In this document are over one hundred and fifty questions that most minions will ask at some stage in their Trivia career. Also included are questions which new applicants to the team may find useful. It is recommended that you search through these questions first before contacting a member of Trivia staff/your superiors to ask a question. However, feel free to get in touch if you have any problems!

I: Applications
This category contains information for those who are thinking of applying to or have applied to Trivia.
II: Departmental Structure
This category contains information about the hierarchy of Trivia and Entertainment and information about divisions.
III: Mailing Lists/Email
This category contains information concerning the Entertainment and Trivia mailing lists, subscriptions and questions regarding email.
IV: Dossier
This category contains information about various elements of Entertainment and Trivia in your dossier.
V: Weekly Questions Submission
This category is concerned with the submission of questions every week to your DL which are then used for Trivia events and online rounds.
VI: Advertising/Departmental Updates
This category contains information about how to post updates regarding Trivias (announcements and scores) as well as having an event listed in the OTF Calendar.
VII: Events Procedure
This category contains information about how to successfully run a Trivia event.
VIII: Events Problems
Not all Trivia events go exactly to plan, so this category contains info about what to do when something goes wrong with your Trivia event.
IX: Reports
This category details the sending of end of month reports.
X: Promotions & Awards
So, you've been accepted to Trivia. And now you've got that evil glint in your eye... You want a promotion... and to take over the world your division for now... This catagory details how to go about getting ahead in the department.
XI: Leave etc.
This category outlines the necessary procedures for going on leave as well as concerns that members may have about going on leave.
XII: Misc. Problems, Questions and Ideas
This category has all the questions that wouldn’t fit elsewhere aswell as details on how to send in questions, concerns or ideas you may have for Trivia.

Thanks to CL6 Kooki, CL6 Goose and CL7 AJ Cardall for compiling the questions!